Adventures of Applying to Grad School, part 1.

I’m applying for admission into Creative Writing MFA programs and it’s frightening but exciting at the same time.

I’m applying to Hollins, Warren Wilson, and Queens University of Charlotte. My top school is Hollins, which is where I am concentrating most of my effort right now. It’s also the only full-time grad program I’m interested in, because permanently moving to Roanoke is more feasible than say, moving to Iowa (but no one ever gets into the Writer’s Workshop).

My top low-res option is definitely Warren Wilson, but I’d be happy to get into any program at this point. Maybe I should have considered more, but grad school application fees are pretty expensive ($40 isn’t bad for Hollins but $75 for WW? yeesh). I think 3 is good for my wallet.

There’s odds against me, I know. Many undergraduates don’t get accepted into grad programs because lack of “life experience”. Which is rather silly because I’ve been working numerous part-time jobs since I started my undergrad college career 5 years ago, so I know the meaning of “life experience”. I’m used to balancing work and school.

I submitted my application for the MFA program at Hollins last week. Their deadline is January 6th, but I promised myself I’d apply before Thanksgiving break. I’ve already sent in my transcripts from Randolph and electronically submitted my CVCC transcripts. Hopefully they’ll reach the right people. I have confirmation of completion from 2/3 professors who I’ve asked to write recommendation letters, so I’m not terribly worried about that.

Well, here goes.

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