back to the poetic grind

I’ve spent most of this winter break playing Pokemon Omega Ruby video games and watching Korean drama Netflix, and while that has definitely helped me de-stress from my not-so-great fall semester, I really ought to be focusing on more original work while I have the free time.

(because it’s not like I’m an English major or anything and have a final creative project due in April. Nah).

I’m currently writing a poem about the artist Ana Mendieta. I took a Post-War and Contemporary Art class last Fall and was absolutely struck by her artistic but tragic life. I might submit it to a few contests/open calls for submissions in the next few weeks.

Other than that poem, I don’t have anything else concrete. A few sentences, phrases here and there but nothing strung together. I guess it’s one of the flaws of being an image-based writer— I need something to stand out visually right away, and I just feel I’m not quite there yet.

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