Adventures of Applying to Grad School, part 2.

after some mishaps and “oh shit” moments, my application for the Hollins Creative Writing MFA program is finally complete and up for review. Thankfully, the Graduate Services woman extended the deadline by a week. She was very nice and understood my anxieties about Getting Everything Perfect And Right.

I’m trying not to think about it too much. I know it’ll be at least 2 months before I hear anything back, so there’s no point compulsively checking my email or mailbox. I’m avoiding all MFA acceptance sites/blogs. I’d rather know through mail/phone call/email than to spoil my own rejection (or acceptance) via internet.

I’m already busy filling out the application forms for Warren Wilson and revising my “Skunk Hour” critical analysis essay. And I have to write a whole new SOP. Not to mention filling out the application for Queens Uni. Lots of work.

March 1 (the deadline for those 2 schools) seems far away, but it really isn’t. I’m hoping to have applications sent off by the first week of February, but as I’ve learned from Hollins, something’s always bound to happen.

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