Acceptance! Yes!

I got the call from Fred G. Leebron today that I’ve been accepted into the MFA Program at Queens University of Charlotte. Funny story, I was in my Reading Drama class when he called. I didn’t recognize the number but I saw the (1) voicemail banner on my phone and figured it had to be something important. So I dialed the number and explained who I was, and he said that he was offering me admission to the program.

Of course me being the dumb one, asked if “this was an acceptance offer” or something along those lines.  It didn’t register the first time, haha.

I’m still in a daze. I literally sent out my application Feb 7. I didn’t expect to hear back until past March. The fact that I was personally called by the Program Director instead of say, contacted by e-mail or snail mail really impressed me. Also, he had some really kind words to say about my poetry portfolio, which made me feel like a truly special snowflake. We talked about what the program offers, the faculty that would be teaching if I went this upcoming May, loans, etc. Fun stuff.

I was elated and told everyone in the English department and every sentient being I came into contact with. I called my mom, made the obligatory Facebook status, etc. I even emailed Clifford Garstang, and thanked him for inspiring me and for making me aware about the program. He responded too, which made me even happier!

The only problem is, I have to send my offer of acceptance letter and deposit by March 15th. I haven’t heard back from Hollins, which is my 1st choice school. I’ve come to terms with the reality that I won’t hear back from Warren Wilson in time. I’ll probably call Hollins soon and ask if I could please know the status of my application in order to make a decision.

And if I do attend Queens, the residency starts on May 17th, which is literally the day I graduate from Randolph.

I have a lot to think about. But for now, I’ll be eating chocolate cheesecake and feeling proud that I got into an MFA program as an undergrad AND on my first try 🙂

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