the dough of it

It’s been a few months since my last update to this blog/website, so here’s what’s up:

My poem “Phantom Limbs” will be published in the October issue of 3Elements Review! It’s for their special Edgar Allan Poe issue, so it was a fun challenge having to use the words purloined letter, oval portrait and premature burial in a poem. The poem itself only has 8 lines, so it’s quite a powerhouse of a piece.

After two months of searching, I finally have a job! I have been working part-time at Panera for the past two weeks. The hours are good, I’m always doing something and the pay is a bit above minimum wage, so I can’t complain. I usually get early-morning to early-afternoon shifts (which I prefer). The employee meal discounts are pretty sweet. I like the customers too, except for the ones who order like 3 bagel packs during the lunch rush. 

My first submission for grad school is due September 1st, and it’s crazy to think that May was such a long time ago. I read Matthea Harvey’s If The Tabloids Are True What Are You and Quan Barry’s Controvertibles, and I loved both. I can’t believe I enjoyed a guided reading assignment! My instructor, Nick Lantz, did a great job of recommending me poetry books that are in tune with my personal writing style, so typing up response papers to those 2 books will be easy.

I have a few poems in the works. It’s mostly lines and verses that I’ve cobbled together from other discard poems, so I’m hoping to have a solid 5-6 pages of poetry for my first deadline submission. I’m super excited to receive my small group’s submissions– it’s been too long!

I really miss residency. I’m counting down the days until January! In other news, I turn 24 next month, which is mildly surprising as I don’t really feel like a person in her mid-20s. Not like I expected something magical to happen or anything, but it feels kinda “eh”.

Until next time~

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