Life in Autumn

How is it already October? Weird. I don’t know. In a way, I’m thankful time flies by quickly, yet each individual day feels like such a drag.

I’m an associate poetry editor for my school’s literary magazine, Qu. I had to read about ~140ish submissions and pick 2-3 submissions to vote into the next round. It was incredibly difficult, and looking back on the whole process, there were other poems that probably deserved to be ‘thumbs up’d instead of the ones I picked. Live and learn, I guess.

As far as grad work goes, I’m having a grand old time. I like my group and I’ve received great feedback on my poems. I think I’m getting better at critiquing people’s work beyond “fix this, fix that”. I’m looking at the pacing, the storyline of a poem, etc. If I ever want to teach, I need to learn how to edit beyond the surface, so this coupled with my editing experience should help me.

3Elements Review published their Fall issue, and wow is it cool. Their Edgar Allan Poe themed issue is chock full of good work. I’m so honored my last-minute poem was selected and published alongside such wonderful poems, stories and art.

So, I quit that job at Panera. I won’t get too heavily into it, but it was just a rather unpleasant experience. So now, I’m back to being an unemployed writer, but I’m not as depressed about it before. I’m still sending out job applications, but I have enough buffer money to pay for bills and whatnot.

I have about 4 submissions out at the moment, mostly for contests. I can’t afford to do more than 1 or 2 contests, so I’ve been scouring Duotrope and Newpages for calls for submissions by magazines with no reading fee. I’d like to buy an issue of every magazine I was interesting in submitting to, but I’m a poor grad student.

Birthday came and went. I treated myself by getting a nose piercing. My best friend was in town and she painted a watercolor picture of my forever boy WB Yeats. He’s framed and sits on my nightstand now. I didn’t really want anything else, but Mom bought me season 3 of Game of Thrones since we finished the first two seasons. I need to re-read the books again, but I’m so lazy and I have other things to do…sigh.

I guess that’s about it. I’m driving down to Charlotte this Thursday to attend the Alumni Weekend at Queens. I’m only doing the social events and seminars because 1) I don’t have a manuscript to workshop and 2) I didn’t have 600 bucks to shell out for the bells and whistles. I’ll be seeing some of my friends and staying with my good pal Liz so it’ll be super fun.

Until next time.

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