Poems, Future Plans and the Now

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated my slice of the internet and I might as well share current life events with my non-existent reader base.

I finally found a part-time job working at a call center for a major clothing brand. After finishing a week of transition, I was immediately hired for another department, so I have a bit more freedom and a different set of responsibilities. My coworkers are pretty cool and I get to talk to all sorts of interesting customers– I even had a small chat with a poet!

I’ve been planning on making the big move to Charlotte, NC. I’ve had a few long-distance phone interviews but no luck landing a job. I’m probably better off moving down there after the new year. Everything is so up in the air at this point that I can’t make make definite plans, but I’ve been seriously considering my options.

I recently organized and hosted an open mic poetry night at a local coffee shop named The Muse. The owner and manager are super nice people and were very eager to help. There was a small turnout, but over the course of the hour it gradually picked up interest. Originally, I wanted people to read their own poems but that didn’t really happen, so it became a free-for-all poetry reading. People read poems by Poe, Frost, Thomas, Neruda and so on. I did have a bunch of people come up to me after it was over expressing interest in another open mic, so we’ll see. I’m just so busy the next few weeks due to holiday hours at work…

More rejections from magazines, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. Honestly, some of the poetry I sent out could have used another 1-2 rounds of editing. I’m still waiting to hear back from a few contests and magazines. Now knowing the amount of work that goes into reading submissions, I do have some patience for the process. I wish Submittable had a wider variety of statuses other than ‘Received’ and ‘In-Progress’ (besides Accepted or Declined). Oh well.

I’m currently typing this post from my new 13-inch MacBook Air. This is basically my holiday gift to myself, considering all I’ve asked for are socks and new bedsheets. I’m slowly getting used to the keyboard and the operating system itself, but I love the screen size and the battery power. I know at some point I’ll have to install Microsoft Office just because I’m not 100% liking Pages and Numbers (guess I’m still a Windows girl at heart).

The first day of December starts in a few hours. 2015 has been both a low and high year for me, but I’ll save that post for a later date.

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