Another New Year

I don’t really believe in “resolutions”, because that term is rather finite and inflexible. It suggests an answer to a question, or a decision to some sort of conflict. I’d like to believe we’re always capable of change no matter what date it is.¬†Nonetheless, I do have some long-term goals for this year. Nothing too fancy or out of reach.

  • Get published in more magazines
  • Organize more open mics/poetry nights
  • Budget my money
  • Try to eat healthier

I’m actually planning another open mic later this month or early February, much to the coffee shop owner’s excitement. With more college students back in town, I think the second go-around will be more successful.

Financials…working on that. My job is decent and stable, though I don’t make enough to live on my own quite yet. I still want to move out, but that plan has been on hold.

I mostly drink water and tea now, with the exception of a cafe drink every now and then. I’m also planning on making mini-meals to bring with me to work, so I don’t have to buy from the cafeteria or the vending machine.

I’ve also begun submitting more poetry to open calls for magazines, mainly looking at the smaller presses and online reviews. I can’t afford the $10, $15, etc. fee for most contests, but I might shell out a few bucks if it’s a competition judged by someone I like or know.

I drive back down to Charlotte tomorrow. My second residency starts this Sunday, and I am so excited but also stressed and maybe a little terrified. I have mostly revisions this semester, although I am trying to add new poems to my smaller workshop manuscript.

My instructor is Sally Keith, who seems like a cool lady to learn from. I checked out a few of her poems, and I like her style. I’m just worried because my work is so much more experimental now than it was back in May, so I wonder how people are going to critique it, ha.

Anyway, I have a feeling 2016 will be a better year. 2015 was full of ebbs and flows, but it ended on a mostly positive note. Enough reminiscing, time to write.

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