Back to the old new

One month left until my third residency, and I’m excited and terrified. I can’t believe I’ve been in grad school for almost a year now. Sometimes it doesn’t really sink in that I’m in grad school, earning my Master’s and have to complete a poetry manuscript. Grad school means balancing writing, reading and binge-watching episodes of Jessica Jones.

My poem, David Lynch’s Maestá (a revision from a poem in my undergraduate poetry manuscript) was recently published in the beautifully quirky weirderary. I love the opportunities that are found in online and non-traditional magazines, and I often find the editors are more approachable/friendly than the larger-than-life godheads of the magazines I’ve considered submitting to.

Maybe I’m just saying that as a know-nothing. Probably.

So exciting news – I’m in charge of social media for Qu. It was brought up in a meeting in January that Qu didn’t have much of an online presence, so the other day I emailed Mesha Maren (the managing editor) and asked if I could help with that. I basically get to tweet and post status updates; it’s awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the Twitter/Facebook pages grow. In this day and age, the Internet can be such a powerful tool for connecting with fellow writers, agents, etc. It’s also a learning experience for me. I’d love to get more into outreach coordinator-like jobs and whatnot.

Cathy Smith Bowers read at my alma mater last night, and it was wonderful. People really enjoyed her poetry, and sold quite a couple of her books. She’s such a powerhouse and so personable. I can’t wait to see her next month at Queens!

Lady poets. note: I’m never sure how to smile.

Life has been alright. I’m working my call center day job as usual. I hang out at The Muse, where the baristas know me by name and ask about my poetry.

For my upcoming nonfiction seminar, I read Another Bullshit Night in Suck City and was absolutely wrecked. I’m not ashamed to mention that I may have almost cried. It was so absorbing, raw, poetic and just…I don’t know how else to describe it. Funny enough, my first poetry seminar at Queens was Cathy going over the language in Flynn’s “Bag of Mice”. After reading his memoir, the poem made 100x more sense.

I’ll be in Charlotte end of this month for a Father John Misty concert (if it doesn’t end up getting cancelled to protest that awful HB2 bill. I wouldn’t blame him, though) and as a mini-vacation before the craziness that is May begins. Last workshop submission due May 1, responses due the 8th and my residency starts the 22nd…

I haven’t submitted as many poems to magazines this time around because I’m focused on revising the work I do have. The newest issue of The Tishman Review will be out soon, with my poem in its pages! It’s my first paid publication too.

Next time I update won’t be until right before/during/after my residency. Can’t wait to see all my wonderful writer friends – I really miss that community.

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