Chicken sketches

It’s now August, and I feel as though I can finally sit down and absorb the past few months and process what’s happened. This summer has definitely been one of the biggest ones I’ve had in terms of accomplishments and everything else.

I completed a short residency at the Holes in the Wall Collective in Pennsylvania from June 27th to July 2nd, and it was absolutely everything I wanted. The drive wasn’t too bad, and the scenery in this small rural town was gorgeous and sprawling. I shared a small cabin with 3 other women artists (a soapmaker, a painter, and a light installation artist) where we often discussed the human condition, Beyoncé and our lives. The co-founders are amazing human beings and really put a lot of consideration and care into setting up this residency centered around the theme of “Impact”.

The chickens were also kind of the best. I wrote several vignettes about them. Coming 20xx: a full-length poetry manuscript about the chickens of Fleetwood, PA. Anyway, I definitely want to come back at a future date, because the environment is so conducive to focusing on one’s work.

In terms of writing, I’ve sent some work out to magazines/contests and also received several rejections. Especially that I’m an editor now, I know what it’s like to be rejected and yeah, it’s not great. I just hope this experience betters me.

I contributed some thoughts to the writing site Howlarium, which is a pretty cool curated space for writers to talk about various weekly topics. I really enjoyed the question I received about our distant aspirations compared to our current lives.

I wrote my first book review! It’s for Mom Egg Review, an annual print journal centering on mothers and motherhood (and the in-between). I’ve done reviews of poetry/chapter book collections before, but that was for college, so it was great to write one for a journal. I reviewed Jen Karetnik’s American Sentencing and really fell in love with her grasp on language and imagery. You can read my review of it here! I’ll continue to write reviews for Mom Egg– in fact, I’ve already been assigned another cool collection to read and review.

My first round of poetry submissions is due next month, and I’m super excited for Marcus to review my work and for me to get back into gear in writing more of my poetry manuscript. Graduation feels so far and near at the same time, and my work still feels so unpolished, incomplete.

Until next time–

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