Autumn changes

It’s now autumn, and I’m more than ready for cozy sweater season, hot tea 24/7 and wearing all the denim jackets. I also turned 25 in September and got two new ear piercings, so I’m finally the Cool Girl I’ve always wanted to be.

The last 2 months have been exciting in terms of my writing. I’ve now been published in the lovely Public PoolThe Shallow Ends, Vagabond City, and have three forthcoming publications in Unlost JournalSeverine, and Rising Phoenix Review. I’m extremely happy that all this is happening in such a short amount of time. And yes, I have received rejections between those acceptances, most notably from Black Warrior Review and Rattle (again. I never learn).

I visited Charlotte last weekend, and already miss it. I always eat too much, spend too much money but it’s totally worth it. Walked around the beautiful Queens campus and soaked in all the red brick and green grass. I’ll be back next month for a day or so for the Alumni Weekend, where I’ll be reunited with several of my writer MFA friends, both present and graduated.

Speaking of graduation, I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. I’ve been emailing my thesis advisor questions about my manuscript, and Jon’s been so helpful and kind. I definitely made the right choice with my thesis committee. I also requested to work with Morri Creech for my last residency this January, so got a bunch of good stuff planned for 2017.

Also for January 2017 – I’ve accepted a position as a contributing editor for Platypus Press‘s new online feature the Wilds. I’m extremely lucky and happy to write for such a nice press (they publish the amazingly beautiful Wildness – such great poetry!).

For now, I’m still living and working in Virginia. Thinking of moving to Charlotte in the new year, but also planning to go to AWP since it’s in D.C., which is far more reasonable for me than their last few locations. We’ll see. With how 2016 is going, I hope I can continue to move forward in my poetry and personal life.



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