Selected Poems

“Poem After Reading the Chapter in Stephen King’s It Where the Word “Kike” Appears Six Times” – Cherry Tree, Spring 2020

When I was Chana“, “Self-Portrait as Grendel“, “Sad Girl’s Drinking Ghazal“, “Lines Composed for My Unrequited Crush” – Drunk Monkeys, December 2018

Lonely Girl Abecedarian“, – SWWIM, November 2018

Some Covenant” – Glass: A Journal of Poetry, November 2018

Crush” – Bending Genres, October 2018

Desert Fathers” – Cosmonauts Avenue, September 2018

Ask Me About My Daddy Issues” and “During the Winter in Which My Father Leaves” – Pretty Owl Poetry, July 2018

Panorama with Loneliness and Future” and “Death of the Ladies’ Man” – Cease, Cows, April 2018

The Kids That Look Like Me Keep Dying” – Longleaf Review, April 2018

struggle with the quarry“, “For the Living“, “Poem for My Father”, “Aubade Inverse“- Noble/Gas Qtrly, March 2018

Auxiliatrix” – Gravel, February 2018

Numismatics” and “Marble and Blood” – Tinderbox Poetry Journal, January 2018

Ex-terrestrial” – FIVE:2:ONE, January 2018

St. Mary of the One Night Stand” and “The Martyr Club” – Yes Poetry, November 2017

[and the deer flash guernica]” – Occulum, November 2017

Body as an Alberto Giacometti Sculpture” and “Superficial” – Cease, Cows, August 2017

This Is Not a Kaddish” – Rise Up Review, August 2017

Like Lazarus I” – The Ellis Review, June 2017

like someone driving away from her problems” – Glass: A Journal of Poetry, May 2017

Resurrection” – Glass: A Journal of Poetry, April 2017 *nominated for a Pushcart Prize

At Lunch, I Learn My Father May Have Alexithymia – Noble / Gas Qtrly, March 2017

grace is being pulled along the brick walls and never stopping” –  Unlost Journal, November 2016

bad anatomy” and “On going on” – Boston Accent Lit, November 2016

In my last relationship, I was a television” – Vagabond City, October 2016.

Immaculate” – The Shallow Ends, September 2016.

“2 a.m.” – The Tishman Review, April 2016

“Filter” – december magazine, Fall/Winter 2014


“Chapter 23: Reflections on Writing Fanfiction” – The Offing, November 2020

Interview with Ross Gay, The Rumpus, February 2019

“You Know We’ll Have a Good Time Then” – Memoir Mixtapes, June 2018

Confessions of a Former High School Anime Club Co-President” – Drunk Monkeys, April 2018

The Only Living Girl in a Rock Opera” – Luna Luna Magazine, December 2017

Di sotto in sù” – Rabble Lit, May 2017

Book Reviews

Margaret McCarthy’s Notebooks from Mystery School at Mom Egg Review, February 2017

Audrey T. Carroll’s Queen of Pentacles at Drizzle Review, January 2017

Jessy Randall’s Suicide Hotline Hold Music at Mom Egg Review, September 2016

Jen Karetnik’s American Sentencing at Mom Egg Review, August 2016

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